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  5. "I had written to you."

"I had written to you."

Translation:Ik had jou geschreven.

October 20, 2014



I thought I'd try the preposition in the "brief aan jou" song (which confused me a lot when I first saw that title), but was marked wrong.

So, no "ik had aan jou geschreven", only "naar"? Or is it different if it refers to a letter, and not the verb itself?


"ik had naar jou geschreven" works. If you want to use ''aan'' it would be ''ik had een brief aan jou geschreven''. So you would have to refer to the letter. I'm not sure how to explain it though.



Maybe it's a construction with the noun itself? If I said "Die brief, ik had die aan jou geschreven", would that work? (on a different note... would "ik had die" work, or only "ik had hem"?)

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