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  5. "I know her address."

"I know her address."

Translation:Ik ken haar adres.

October 20, 2014



I thought "kennen" was for knowing people, and "weten" was for knowing information. Since an address is a piece of information and not a person, .... why is ken the preferred verb?


Could it be the difference between "I am familiar with her address" (kennen) and "I have knowledge of her address" (weten)?


Is both ken and weet okay here? (I am not sure if I have learned ken in Duolingo before now actually, I'm strengthening the places skill...)


Would "Ik weet haar adres" also be correct?


maybe ken in this case means that this person is also familiar with the setting around her address, like the neighborhood or her landscaping or something? kinda weird, but its more than just knowing only the address information


What's the difference between "ken" and "weet"? Someone please help me

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