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"Der er en hund blandt kattene."

Translation:There is a dog among the cats.

October 20, 2014



That' great!


What's the difference between "blandt" and "iblandt"?


the question is the Formality...I have copied-pasted from Tom Lundskær-Nielsen's Grammar: 1 Types of preposition:According to form, there are four types of preposition:(a) Simple prepositions.(b) Compound prepositions:The preposition "i" may be prefixed to four other independent prepositions (blandt, gennem, mellem, mod) to form the compound prepositions: iblandt, igennem, imellem, imod, which are more formal variants of the simple ones.


So what about the sentence determines which case you should use?


That's pretty much up to you. If you're feeling especially posh today, use the 'i-' variants.


This sentence has come up twice. The first time I wrote "blandt kattene", and was told I had a typing error, it should be "iblandt". So this time, here, I wrote 'ibland kattene', and was told I had a typing error! Again! I didn't lose a heart either time, but IF 'blandt' and 'iblandt' are interchangable, why tell me I am spelling it wrong??


Did you write the second time 'ibland' or 'iblandt'? Because if you wrote 'ibland' then it would obviously be wrong.


Ah? I can't remember. it was so long ago. Maybe that's why. Thanks!


Haha, of course. It doesn't even say when you posted this xD


Is a dog amongst cats some kind of idiom or just a made up phrase?


This must be the Danish equivalent of 'the cat among the pigeons'.


I'm guessing among in this instance is American English, as in English I think it is amongst.


"Among" and "Amongst" are both used in Britain. One is more common in some places. The other is more common in other places.

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