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"Frue, jeg bede Dem om at gå."

Translation:Ma'am, I must ask you to leave.

October 20, 2014



First they ask her what she's doing, then they tell her she can't stay and now they are asking her to leave. Why do they keep pestering her?


Hendes sko var på den forkert sted....


But the question was directed to a miss, and the one asked to leave is a madam. I'm sorry for such an innuendo...


I wrote : Lady, I have to ask you to leave. I wonder what the hell is wrong with it. And then the bird tells me: don't worry you're wrong, you are already learning. Does this green bird know what I don't?


The green bird know a lot more languages, at least. :)

There's nothing wrong with your sentence. It's a good translation.


Thank you for your support. Okay I must admit that the bird knows a lot and I like it for that. Therefor I don't mind when it tells me about my mistake by mistake ;-) For English isn't my mother tongue I sometimes don't know what could be wrong.


I think that if you call someone lady, it usually sounds rude and inconsiderate, which is not the tone of the sentence.


Ma'am, I will have to ask you to go. What's wrong with this?


Why, when you list "ma'am" do you make it two words? Madam is one word. I can maybe understand why words like "don't" and "wasn't" are broken into two parts in the word bank, but "ma'am" is a shortened version of only ONE word. It's funny how little things can drive people crazy!


"Ma'am" is pronounced as one syllable. The apostrophe is a substitute for the omitted letter d. One of the meanings of "madam" in English is the manager of a house of prostitution, so it is considered more polite to contract this word.


They tried that with Helen Mirren >:)


Could I translate bede with beg? I must beg you to leave?


Not that it really matters but I believe the closest English relative in terms of word origin is "bid."


"Beg" is a bit too strong for that. I'd translate that with bønfalde.


OK, tusind tak


Why is there only one lesson on danish politeness? Je elsker i Danmarken... And this one is asking someone to leave, hah!


"Ma'am" is accepted but "madam" is not, yet it is the same.

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