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Translation:For øjeblikket er den åben.

October 20, 2014

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What is the difference between "for øjeblikket" and "i øjeblikket"?


why not 'det'? For øjeblikket er det åben


"For øjeblikket er det åbent" is accepted.


Almost a year later, it is still not accepted as correct.


"...det åbent", yes


I agree, it believe it is equally valid (but I tested, and it is marked wrong)


What is wrong with "for øjeblikket den er åben"? It is not a question.


Duolingo suggested "For øjeblikket er der åbent." (using "der" instead of "den") which doesn't make any sense to me. Is this a mistake in the lesson or am I missing something?


I don't see an answer to the question below, so may I ask it again? What is wrong with "for øjeblikket den er åben"? (or "det") It is not a question.


So here it is: When the "adverb of time" such as I oeblikket is in the begining of the sentence the order of words change afterwards. It is called infinitive. Example: For øjeblikket er den åben. or Den er åben for øjeblikket.


More generally, Danish uses the V2 word order in main clauses, which means that the verb must be the second element in the clause. Thus, in the simplest sentences, such as "Jeg er en mand," the subject comes first and the verb comes second. However, in this sentence, the time phrase comes first, and the verb must come second, which means the subject must come third, after the verb. I realize this may not help you, as this post is from several years ago, but I thought I'd just put this in here for anyone else who may have the same question. (Note: I am not familiar with all the linguistic terms in this post; they all came from a quick Google search. Feel free to let me know if you find anything wrong.)


Another correct translation should be: "For nuværende er den åben"


I want to know the difference between øjeblikket and øjeblikkeligt.


I could be wrong, but øjeblikket appears to be a noun whereas øjeblikkeligt sounds like an adjective (a moment vs momentarily)


I think that "øjeblikkeligt" is an adverb, and "øjeblikket" a noun with its article.


Why it is wrong to say " For øjeblikket er det åben"


Watch the former answers : "åbent" is accepted (with a "t").

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