Thank you to Mrs McDowall, Brigitte & Duo

yay! i've finished the french tree, j'ai fini l'arbre français, et tout est doré :)

i had a good knowledge of french from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in high school so HUGE HUGE thanks to Mrs McDowall. But even though, over the years, I've spoken it often and even had a few lessons (merci Brigitte RIP), my grammar had slid into an horrible mess, and i pretty much picked genders at random for nouns (actually i still do ;) ). So I didn't test out of any skills, and after 10 months, here i am with a shiny gold owl as testament to mastering such gems as: * this spider is indispensable * i like to touch the hat * i can make a soldier happy * don't shoot before i tell you! * my desire is not to kill anymore * why do you not want to fight? * it's important that she lives * she is going to suffer * hello handsome, what's your name? * do you hear voices? * in an hour or two he will die * you may as well be happy! * am i naked?

i've loved the crazy sentences. i'm certain there's a great story jumbled up behind each duo course. my very last sentence was "C'est l'enfer ici!" (It's hell here) which made me laugh. At times it's been crazy difficult, that skill mixing the conditional & the subjunctive - aïe!!! And trying to get - and keep - both the french and spanish trees gold while also making progress... But hell? no. ça a été le pied!

i know people here often want to know about other resources.

dictionaries, example sentences, and discussions:

comprehension: * so good! *

extra, the "friends"-style, silly but fun, french series for learners is crazy fast but if you want to go to Paris you'd better be prepared. Luckily for me i'm more of a south coast and mountains gal ;)

so where has this got me? well i tried 1 online test and it gave me a low c1!!! i really don't believe it but maybe i'm a good b2 then? if so, génial!

Mille mercis Duo et la communauté! and a huge "Bon Courage" to all still working through the tree :D

anna x

October 20, 2014



It's so good seeing people finish their trees. It keeps me motivated and focused on my own. Keep up the good work!

October 21, 2014

thank you! it's so worth keeping at it, not just for the huge feeling of accomplishment at the end, and the confidence it will give you to go forward, but also for the fantastic skill you will have for the future. :D

October 21, 2014

My French is not yet good enough so I'll just say Congratulations! and Felicitaciones!

I love the sentences you listed. My favorite thus far is "Do you come here often?"

Thanks for the resources, especially L'avis de Marie - I'd not heard of that and I can't wait to start digging through it. What a great post :)

October 21, 2014

merci! that skill will come with time ( and a little effort! ;) ). there were so many great sentences i couldn't list them all. when you're having a hard day with your language and you get a funny one, it can be exactly what you need to keep you going. :)

l'avis de marie (& the ones in other languages on that site) is superbe. i cannot recommend it enough.

October 21, 2014
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