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"Usually it was not like that."

Translation:Det plejede ikke at være sådan.

October 20, 2014



Can I say "Sædvanligvis det var ikke som det/ Sædvanligvis var det ikke som den / Sædvanligvis det var ikke sådan / Sædvanligvis var det ikke sådan" ? Is any of these correct?


I wrote the same as one of your suggestions ut it was rejected as wrong although I have no idea why


I would translate the Danish phrase to 'It didn't used to be like that.' Would anyone care to comment?


I agree, though I think 'It used to not be like that' is valid also.


The hint told me the word 'sædvanligvis' above 'plejede' and then told me 'sædvanligvis' was incorrect, why is that?


Is "det plejede at ikke være sådan" correct? I think in english "it used to not be like that" makes more sense than "it didn't use to be like that", I guess it's different in Danish butt is it still correct?


Why wasnt the vaere in the hints? What does it mean


vaere is the infinitive form of the verb to be in Danish. Er is the present form and var is the past form. Does this answer your question?

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