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iPad ios6 problem

I am having trouble since upgrading my iPad to iOS 6 I can log on, and at first could practice although very slowly! Now the practice lessons won't open at all? Any suggestions?

September 25, 2012


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Works fine (albeit slow and tiny) on my iPhone, which is running iOS 6.


Buy android phone.


Does anyone actually have an answer? I cannot sit for more than a few minutes, so using the iPad for Duolingo was my sanity saver. Please. We need a workaround.


It may be Ram related, since Duolingo uses a lot of memory, another user, VonBrown, had the same problem (IOS 6, Ipad) and solved it by resetting the device:


"Well, I just reset the Ipad and it started working again. I am just guessing, but I have Ipad two which comes with only a little memory. I suspect using the ios6 leaves even less usuable memory. So duolingo is a complicated program when you are logged on to several languages. So I think when doing an exercise or two I am tempting fate if I don't reset. Prior to ios 6 the program would just work very slow, when it needed a reset. Now with ios6 the program flips to another languanges and totally gets off task. So I am hopeful just resetting clears the memory. Two up grades ago there was a "clear the cache" menu option but no longer. On ipad pad just hold down the off button, and the screen off button at the same time until the apple appears. When the apple appears let go and wait. Eventually the apple disappears and it is reset. Most of the time you don't need to reset passwords or anything with this option."


Here's also a video tutorial on how to clear Ram on your Ipad, it's for ios4 but it also works fine with ios6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkbaIGIMjh8


Thanks everyone! I took the advice and reset my iPad...I also signed out of dulingo and then signed back in. It is still going slower than before...but I am 'back in the game' so thanks for all your help!


Thank you for the quick and easy fix, luisco. I found it by mistake just before trying to log on today. I plan to remember this.


I've been using Duolingo without problems on an iPad2 with iOS 6, but I've been running it through the Chrome browser app rather than Safari. Don't know if that would make a difference for you.

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