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  5. "How big is it?"

"How big is it?"

Translation:Quanto è grande?

June 19, 2013



Duo's getting kinky on us again.


That Breaking Benjamin logo!


That's what she said.


Three years too late. ❤❤❤❤❤❤. :^(


Why is it 'quanto' here?


Because you want a measurement, even if by comparison.

P1. How big is it? (Quant'è grande?)
P2. How much do you think? (Quanto pensi?)


If you do a Google search for "quant’è grande" you will get 640,000 hits (e.g. Quant'è grande questa casa?, quant' è grande la natura?, quant'è grande il tuo ego?, etc. But don't type that answer because Duolingo says it's wrong.


I wrote a wrong answer (che grande) and Duolingo gave two correct answers: Quant'è grande and quanto è grande


It's good to know they have made this correction. Thank you.


I wrote "Come e grande" and was marked wrong- Why, Chi?


Because by using come the translation ends up being How is it big?

When it comes to requiring measurements, like in this sentence, quanto is used.


So Duolingo shows "Come" just to confuse the students ?


no. they are possibilities for the word hovered over. not necessarily applicable here.


Of course, otherwise picking out phrases would be way too easy


you shouldn't have to have a cheat sheet to pass a quiz.


I answered "Quanto grande è?" And got it right, but my question is "Quanto è grande?" (Duolingo's answer) the proper way to say it?


Yes it is the proper way to say it. Think of it as "How much is big" so you can construct the sentence the right way.

Quanto (How much) è (He/She/It is) grande (Big).

The english translation is "How big is it". Hope that helps.


Thanks! I guess I'll just have to memorize this.


To my non-native ear, "Quanto grande è" almost demands another subject, as in "Quanto grande è la tua casa?" I can't recommend Tony628's way of thinking; it is more like "How much is it/he/she big?" or "To what degree is it/he/she big?" "È" includes a subject, and to ignore that is to misperceive the Italian form.


"Quant'è grande?" is indeed the most natural translation. "Quanto è grande?" is not wrong, but I think it is more natural in a context in which you want to emphasize the word "quanto". Suppose, e.g., that someone has asked you to carry or store a box for her and has repeatedly warned you that it is a big box. You might ask: "Sì, ma quanto è grande?" Finally, "Quanto grande è?" is the least idiomatic of the three. I agree that this word-order sounds more acceptable with an explicit subject ("Quanto grande è la tua casa?") I think I only heard this last form by itself (without explicit subject) in the North-East as an expression of surprise and marvel. E.g. someone is proudly showing you her very big house and you might go as if you were incredulous: "Ma quanto grande è?" (This would be taken as not requiring an answer).


The only translation word for "how big" is "Come" I used it in my answer and it was not accepted. Is Duolingo been tricky ?


so this is the sentence that comes after "she is little and I am big"? damn duo


I know the answer but I do not know how to put the accent over the e for is in italian.


Hi! I found a similarity with Spanish, so I think this should be, Quanto grande é?, could someone tell me why this answer is wrong? Thanks.


That's what she said


Hands wide apart: "This... big"!

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