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as a returning user, I would like to have the option for "strengthen skills" to be progressive

As a returning Deolingo user, I would like to have the option for "strengthen skills" to be progressive so that I don't have to manually redo each lesson myself. The problem I am experiencing is that during my year+ of not using Duolingo, all of my skills, both actual and virtual have been lost. However, if I go to "strengthen skills" I am presented with words from all of the lessens that I worked on last year, and it is too difficult for me to remember. Therefore I am having to go through manually lesson by lesson to reacquire these skills. This is not ideal. Some sort of progressive skill strengthening, such that I could repeatedly do it, relearn the lost words slowly until I am back to where I was last year would be ideal. A simple solution would be to change the algorithm to automatically prioritize words from earlier lessons during skill strengthening. I cannot think of a reason why this would be detrimental to other users.

October 21, 2014



You could always delete the tree and test back in.

I recently returned to Duo (oh, 66 days ago) after setting it aside for 9+ months. I found that going through the skills one by one was actually more helpful for me than endless strengthen skills because I did indeed need to relearn the concepts. To each their own, though.


How do you do that? I would like to delete all lessons past a certain point (because I have since progressed a bit, but still not near where I was).


Profile - Language - Reset or Remove Language

Careful with testing out though: I reset because I no longer wanted the past tense I on my tree...but then I tested out of that skill altogether!

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