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"Jeg har set katten for tre dage siden."

Translation:I have seen the cat three days ago.

October 21, 2014



Is this sentence something of a key difference between Danish and English? In English, the "have seen" tense is used to express something that has happened before in general, whilst we would use the "saw" tense to refer to a specific instance. Saying that the cat was seen by me three days ago is one such instance, warranting "I saw the cat three days ago". Conversely, "I have seen the cat three days ago" sounds unnatural to me, like a sentence of two conflicting parts such as "I did it tomorrow". Any advice on the Danish equivalent of all this would be appreciated. :)


The translation is correct but like you i think both the english and danish sentence sound a bit odd. "i saw the cat three days ago" or in danish " jeg så katten for tre dage siden" sounds better.


It might be correct in colloquial BrE but it sounds extremely odd otherwise.


I would argue the english is grammatically incorrect. It has to be "saw" not "have seen" with "ago".


The English sentence is just wrong; is this really correct Danish usage? We would saw "I saw the cat" or "I had seen the cat - but three days ago" or something like that. But not this.

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