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Irish from Spanish

Would it be very hard to ask for a course like this? I mean, I'm Spanish and I speak English, so I can learn it from English. But it's not the same. And I know there are Spanish people interested in it (there are even courses in blogs, like http://innisfree1916.wordpress.com/curso-de-irlandes/ ).

Thanks in advance.

October 21, 2014



There may be other Irish combinations planned for the future, but there are several variables that go into that, so it's not certain, and maybe shouldn't even be expected for the foreseeable future.

By the way, great link!


Ya he dicho que me interesaría contribuir a un curso de irlandés para hispanohablantes, pero no sé si Duolingo piensa en hacerlo. Si hay alguien más que sepa ambos idiomas, que le avise a Duolingo.

Véanse los enlaces siguientes para leer otras discusiones relacionadas (en español):




As Spanish and Irish are the two language trees I finished on here it would be a great way to study both at the same time. I like this idea


It would require (native) Irish speakers that are also effectively bilingual in Spanish. If you know any, encourage them to apply.


Well, my father is native in Spanish and I am almost fluent in Irish, so in a way I coul help.


Well, as long as I don't know any, that's what I'm doing: checking if someone here that knows Irish knows Spanish too, and is interested in doing it.


You don't actually need native speakers. As long as somebody is fluent in both they should be able to create a course.


I may actually send an application for this soon enough.

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