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"Giorno dopo giorno le scrivo."

June 19, 2013



I thought "le" is plural feminine?


le is singolar feminine. In this phrase "le scrivo" = "scrivo a lei", otherwise "giorno dopo giorno scrivo loro" = Day after day i write them. In the spoken language you can say "giorno dopo giorno gli scrivo" = "day after day i write him" or "day after day i write them" (but the second form for "them" is grammatically incorrect)

  • Yes it is, le = them (feminine) but when it is used as a direct object pronoun.
  • le = a lei = to her (when is used as indirect object pronoun)

But I think it could be translated as "them" without context. For instance it could be "Giorno dopo giorno scrivo le canzoni.(Day after day I write songs) / Giorno dopo giorno le scrivo (Day after day I write them).

more examples http://www.cyberitalian.com/en/html/gra_prpr.html


I am very confused by this. I thought le meant him or her, but I remembered getting marked wrong on a previous lesson, so I answered, day after day I write to THEM, which was accepted as another correct answer. So is it him, her, and them?

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