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What would be real English translation for "Der Dezember definiert Weihnachten."

I see a lot of:

x definiert y

How should they be translated into English?

Surely, it can and should not be

x defines y (especially in sentences like "Der Dezember definiert Weihnachten.")

What do you think?

Thank you all!

September 25, 2012



I am a native german speaker and have never heard this sentence before. To me using the same words "December is all about christmas" would translate to "Weihnachten definiert den Dezember" or "Den Dezember definiert Weihnachten", which sounds awkward in this case. That is december as accusative.


"Der Dezember definiert Weihnachten" is a nonsense sentence in German. It makes as much and as little sense as the literal translation "The December defines Christmas".

see http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/definieren


I'm neither a German nor an English native speaker, but what about "December is all about christmas"?


Thank you all for your kind responses. I wish duolungo used some of its millions of dollars in funding to hire a German person for a day or two and make them read the sentences they use to find out if they are "actual" or not.

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