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  5. "Drengen spiser som en bjørn."

"Drengen spiser som en bjørn."

Translation:The boy eats like a bear.

October 21, 2014



Nej, jeg siger han spiser som en gris!


What do you mean?


I said 'no, I say he eats like a pig'. It's a more common idiomatic way of saying that he eats a lot. I was being facetious, and humorous, not implying that the sentence given was incorrect in any way.


Is this the Danish version of "The boy eats like a horse" or does the boy eat with the table manners of a bear?


    The only one I could find meaning "to eat like a horse" is "at æde som et tærkskeværk" which means "To eat like a threshing machine" (which is, if you're like me and had no idea what it is, here's a little Danish video explaining it)
    Edit So to actually answer you're question, I think this is supposed to be literal or at least a metaphor (rather than a commonly use idiom) but I'm not 100% sure


    Sorry but is svine used only in relation to pork as in svinekod or is gris swappable with svine? Is it similar English where swine is derogatory.? Is it archiac.? Thanks in advance.


    What would the pronounciation difference be between "drengen" and "drengene"? Is there a slight 3rd syllable?


    Derangen vs Deragnne(deraynne!)


    Uhhh...I don't think it means "he eats a lot";it means "he eats hurridly".


    He eats like a Panda bear... only vegetables HIHIHIHIHIHI

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