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  5. "How many seconds?"

"How many seconds?"

Translation:Cé mhéad soicind?

October 21, 2014



If this is how many seconds which is a plural in english, why is it soicind and not soicindi?


Edit: I'm just going to copy and paste my other comment; lot more informative.

cé mhéad takes the singular nominative for 'how many' and gen. For 'how much'


It was this exact comment that GeniusJack linked to :P Thanks!


Hey Kerrie, you might find this useful. :D


In the Questions lesson it says that cé mhead and cá mhead are interchangeable. However I selected both 'cá mhead soicind' and 'cé mhead soicind' from the three options here and was marked incorrect.

Only cé mhead is accepted.

Is there a reason why cé mhead is preferred or is this an error to be reported?


Somebody knows why "Cá mhéad soicind?" is not right? I do not understand what is the difference between "Cá mhéad soicind?" and "Cé mhéad soicind?".


What about this is wrong

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