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"Ik gooi de bal naar mijn hond."

Translation:I throw the ball to my dog.

October 21, 2014



Would it also be naar for "at my dog"?


If that were actually used in real life, can you give an example of a context that each translation would be used in so it's less to interpret?


do you mean "at my dog"? if "to my dog" is like throwing so that the dog could play, "at" means that you want to hit the dog with the ball.


I was asking about clearing up the ambiguity if this sentence were to be used in Dutch


It remains ambiguous. Context should make it clear. Let's assume most people are not abusing their dog.


Would "I throw my dog the ball" be acceptable in English?


Without a doubt, and probably the most common way to put it.


Is it incorrect to say “football ball” for an English native? And are voetbal bal or voetbalbal incorrect for a Dutch native?


You would just say "voetbal".


If I want to refer to the basketball for throwing a ball to a dog, would I say: Ik gooi het basketbal naar mijn hond?


Yes, just bal is a de word so if you refer to the ball you would say de basketbal. When you say het basketbal you refer to the game of basketball.


As you asked about "football ball" too, in english you only say ball once, so if you are refering to a specific ball like "Basketball" "golfball" you won't need to repeat the word "ball in the sentence" I throw the volleyball to my dog. Not all balls are joint. e.g Tennis ball

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