I'm going to Portugal at the end of August. Never been before....very excited that thanks to DUOLINGO, I will be able to talk to the people there in their own language (well, I'm going to try real hard!).

I'd love to be able to buy a duolingo t-shirt that perhaps said "falar comigo, estou aprendendo Português!" (Talk to me, I'm learning Portuguese) and had a picture of the stupid owl!

June 19, 2013


Thanks for all the t-shirt suggestions! We'll have more designs on the way soon.

Oooops....found this...maybe DUOLINGO could promote it a bit more?:

I have the grey shirt, its very comfortable. It was a gift.

I'd love to have one for Spanish!! I love that owl!

Yeah I would like one for french that's a cool idea, by the way the owl is cool :D

I love the saying that you came up with for a tshirt. I think it would be awesome if Duolingo sold those with the owl.

I want one for Italian!

Don't forget to read up on the pronunciation differences. And definitely get to Pasteis de Belem if you're in Lisbon!!

Yeah!! We also have it here too.. :)

Great idea for the text on the shirt. If I travel it can be intimidating approaching people for conversations in Italian, and most just want to speak to me in English! I would also wear it in Australia in case there are Italians around!

before school ended, my technology teacher has a machine that could put an image or words on anything, including a shirt. if i had been thinking i would have made a duolingo shirt for free.

YES YES YES! ..... BRILLIANT!!! ... talk about taking duolingo out of the digital box! .... hmmm I wonder if you earn coins while wearing that tshirt?

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