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  5. "Mijn voet doet pijn."

"Mijn voet doet pijn."

Translation:My foot hurts.

October 21, 2014



Poorly pronounced, hehe. She sounds like my wife ;) (I'm Dutch, she isn't)


may i suggest never wearing high heels? >:-|


Is anyone else having trouble understanding the new guy? (May 1, 2016) His diction of the initial consonants, in slow mode, is particularly troublesome.

Or is this something that we just need to get used to, to prepare ourselves for the real world?


Yes, furthermore I don't like it when they do "hear and translate" with words you don't know yet. Not sure if that's a bug or not


The male voice is horrible.

Even after two years, I still find myself having to listen to the slow versions and then using reasonable deduction (as in "this word I think I hear doesn't make sense, what does?") to finish sentences sometimes.

In "normal" mode, this voice often sounds like someone is holding a gun to his head threatening to shoot if he doesn't say the sentence in under two seconds.

It's really frustrating. If it wasn't a computer voice, I would really hate this "guy."


"my foot does pain" sounds unreasonably funny to me XD

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