"Where had you put it?"

Translation:Dove l'avevi messa?

June 19, 2013

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I wrote Dove l'avevi messo because it can be masculin and femenin it, but I don't unterstand why it is wrong


"Dove l'avevi messo" isn't wrong. Like you said, lacrimae2, "it" can be masculine or feminine. They probably forgot to include it in their database of possible translations for this sentence. Just report it and after several reports they will add it.


The same thing happened to me. Does anyone know why this sentence doesn't allow 'messo' but requires 'messa'?


DL accepts "Dove l'avevi messo" March 2014.


"Dove LO avevi messo" andrebbe accettato.


How can I tell when I should use "ci" for it, rather than "lo", "l'", etc?


Use lo,la,li,le and l' for direct objects. lo and la are singular, li and le are plural, and l' is used before vowels.

What is a direct object depends on the verb, some examples are what you give in dare, what you put in mettere and what you say in dire... that's the general idea, but you have to become familiar with each verb to know whether the 'it' is going to be a direct object or not.

Ci is a pronoun for when the thing is not a direct object. I find it more complicated and, rather than learning the rules, just remember individual verbs that it goes with. Such as ci penso, which means i think about it.


Check this out, it really helped me understand ci and ne.



when do you use "avere + messo" and "essere + messo"? I've seen both.


'essere' plus 'messo' can be used to form a sentence in the passive voice. You can find more details here:



thanks so much, xphax. This is site is very helpful.


How come that "messa" can be accepted here as well?


Because the thing that you are talking about (the "it" in the English sentence) can be either masculine or feminine.

In some cases you can tell which it is because either lo or la is the clitic, but here the clitic is an ambiguous l'.


Dove lo avevi messo is correct


How do you know when to contract "lo" or "la" before a vowel? It seems like sometimes DL accepts it and sometimes it doesn't.

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