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  5. "Nós lemos o jornal."

"Nós lemos o jornal."

Translation:We read the newspaper.

June 19, 2013



I automatically translated this to "We read the journal". Why is this wrong?


As you could see, even in English Journal and Newspaper are different. So, newspaper is our "jornal". A journal can be published daily (Wall Street Journal) but with restricted subjects, while a newspaper has a wide view on many points.Journal in Portuguese is usually translated as diário, registro


How translate "magazine" in portuguese?


"Magazine" is called "revista" in Portuguese.


Magazine is revista.


"Journal" and "Jornal" are cognates, they come both from the French "journal" (from the word "jour" (= day) and means something made everyday) Journal in French means a newspaper, a diary or a log. (because they were all written everyday at the start) In English, you say "newspaper", the word "journal" is either a log, or a more formal word meaning a publication. "The journal of...". (something a bit pompous) It can be put in the title in imitation of French title "Journal des...", but is not a noun with which you can identify or call a newspaper. It's rather like a scientific publishing, or a community publishing, very restricted to a group of people. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/journal


You were supposed to type this in Portuguese, not English.


No. Because we don't all have the same exercice. Some are supposed to type it in Portuguese, some to have only the audio, etc.


Journal – A regularly published collection of articles that focus on topics specific to a particular academic discipline or profession. Journals might be published monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually. Probably the most common publication frequency is monthly and quarterly. Journal articles are typically of substantial length (often more than 10 pages) and usually reflect research, whether it be surveys of existing research or discussions of original research. Most journal articles will be prefaced with an abstract and will include extensive documentation within the article or at the end of the article. Most research begins with a survey of existing literature on a topic and proceeds with the development of new ideas or new research into a topic. Articles are usually written by experts in their fields, although journals might also publish letters from their readership commenting on articles that have been published in previous issues. Journals might also include opinion articles or editorials. Examples of journals include Journal of the American Medical Association,American Sociological Review, Psychological Reports, Publications of the Modern Language Association, Educational Research Quarterly, andEvolutionary Biology. ---

Newspaper – A regularly published collection of fairly brief articles that provide updates on current events and interests. Newspapers are generally published daily, weekly, and bi-weekly, although they may have less regular publication schedules. Most major newspapers publish daily, with expanded coverage on the weekends. Newspapers can be national or international in focus or might be targeted strictly to a particular community or locality. Newspaper articles are written largely by newspaper staff and editors and often do not provide authors’ names. Many of the articles appearing in national, international, and regional papers are written by various wire service writers and are nationally or internationally syndicated. Examples of wire services are Reuters and the Associated Press. Newspapers rely on advertising for a part of their income and might also include photographs and even full color illustrations of photos. A common feature of most newspapers is its editorial page, where the editors express opinions on timely topics and invite their readers to submit their opinions. Examples of newspapers include New York Times, Times of London,Florida Times-Union, Tampa Tribune, Denver Post, Guardian, and USA Today.


How do you pronounce ”jornal” voice sounds like jornau, is that correct?


The letter L at the end of a sentence sounds like U in Brazilian Portuguese, but at the beginning or on the middle it sounds like L. So we say "jornau".


Thanks for your coment! I always been thought and heard that it said "jornaL". Sorry for my bad english, i'm still learning it


Yes, I hear too a "l" in the audio, it shouldn't? And on forvo, I hear sometimes a sound between "au" and "âl" =http://fr.forvo.com/word/jornal/#pt


Couldn't you also say, We ARE READING the newspaper? Would that work as well?


That is "nós estamos lendo o jornal".


Sometimes I hear "o" pronounced more like an English "o" and other times more like an English "oo" sound. Are both correct?


Journal or jornal.. what's the difference? Too picky on spelling!


Always "jornal", without the u.

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What will be the plural of 'o jornal'?


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