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"Cheannaíodh dinnéar agus d'itheadh a chailín é."

Translation:He used to buy dinner and his girlfriend used to eat it.

October 21, 2014



why can't it be "...and his girlfriend used to eat him"? It is a perfectly valid translation!


Wondering why DL didn't remind me of the fada in cheannaíodh? Is it an alternative spelling?


I've noticed that in the first level(s) of an excercise duolingo is pretty lenient with regards to spelling. It seems to only start pointing out/punishing minor mistakes beyond level 1, maybe 2.

Perhaps that is what was going on?


Ní cheapim é sin. DL always gives me a "pass" if the only thing is a missing fada but it always has reminded me. I've noticed that it doesn't warn when there is an actual mispelling or similar egregious sin. I posted this because there was no error at all, except the missing fada. I'm not at a beginning level either, though I consider myself still a beginner. I have been at level 5 on all exercises for most of a year and merely keep refreshing as they alert me when they are "stale" so that I can retain the vocabulary and grammar in absence of daily conversation.


Sorry I'm getting back to you this late. I'm not sure what is going on then. I only noticed something myself because early on in the course I had been spelling a word a certain way during an exercise and I just kept getting told I gave the correct solution, no pointing out errors. Later, at a higher level of the same exercise I got told I spelt the word (very!) wrong. It made me a bit paranoid and for a while I kept double checking all my answers by entering the discussion section to check against the topic title or given translation.

edit: I just checked something. I just did a refresher exercise and I deliberately spelt a few words wrong (left out a letter). DL totally ignored my errors during "type what you hear" exercises but pointed them out during the other types.

edit 2: I was doing a regular "type what you hear" exercise and I forgot a fada and it also was not pointed out to me.

I think it's just a quirk with those types of exercises. Maybe because there is not enough space in the green bar to give a translation and point out minor mistakes at the same time.


"....a dinner...." is not accepted.

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