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  5. "I am studying."

"I am studying."

Translation:Ik volg een studie.

October 21, 2014



I am reporting this. In English, if you say, "I am studying", you really only mean je zit te studeren (op dat moment). They do not mean that they are taking a course in college or online or anywhere else. If they wanted to say, 'ik volg een studie' in English, they would say something like, 'I'm taking a course' or 'I'm at university' or 'I'm in college', depending on what country they're from and what sort of studie ze zijn aan het volgen. If it is just one course, online or at an adult school, then they could say, 'I'm taking a class (online/at the adult school)'. If they are in Britain, they might say, 'I'm studying psychology at university' or 'I'm at uni' or 'I'm in college'. In the states, the differences between colleges and universities aren't as obvious to most people, although they do, in fact, exist. Most people don't use the word 'university' except when giving the name of their school, so they might say, 'I'm going to college at the University of Notre Dame'. But any way you look at it, English speakers will tend to use a different way of phrasing the statement, "Ik volg een studie" other than "I am studying".


Ik zit te studeren?


Yes, but that would have another meaning. Ik volg een studie./Ik studeer. is like saying you are in college, following languages or psychology for example. Ik zit te studeren./Ik ben aan het studeren. means you are studying right now, learning your lessons. So yes, it should be an accepted translation. Report it!

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