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Irish on iOS and Android!

As some of you have already noticed, the Irish is now on the iOS and Android apps! You can download the update for free and enjoy Irish on the go!

Happy learning!

Slán :)

(On a slightly unrelated note, we'd also like to mention the fact that our previous mentor, mukkapazza, has left Duolingo :'( She did amazing work with us and she contributed a huge amount to the Italian <-> English courses. Good luck with everything, Monica! We now welcome Ker to our team (you may know her from the Portuguese <-> English courses)! We look forward to working with her xD)

October 21, 2014



This is fabulous! I was stuck using the website on my phones screen, which does not work very well, now it's so much easier. Go raibh maith agat!


Loving it! I'm just wondering why Irish doesn't have the feature where you have repeat the phrases for pronunciation practice. I find that very helpful. Will it be added?


Go raibh maith agat!


It's now on Android too! Comhghairdeas!


Go raibh maith agat! I didn't even notice myself :P Thanks!


can't wait until it's on Android too!


Android! Android! (me too)


It's on Android now. ;D


Hooray! Can't wait to dive in. By the way, has anyone found a good way to type in Irish on iOS? I don't mean just the fadas; that's clear in any keyboard layout: press and hold on the vowel. Apple still doesn't seem to offer an Irish keyboard option, so has anyone found another solution? At the moment, I use the Hungarian keyboard to type in Irish, but the autocorrect is still annoying. I wonder if a third-party keyboard layout is in the works?


Do you mean typing Irish outside of the Duolingo app? For that I have no suggestions. I know android has a bunch of custom keyboards (I use SwiftKey on my tablet) that can have multiple language auto-correction dictionaries.

In the app when I'm told to type in Irish it turns off autocorrect. I either hold down for the fada or just leave it out and get a warning but don't lose hearts.


iOS 8 also has custom keyboards now


I was just looking at the Fleksy keyboard app (www.fleksy.com). They don't have Gaeilge yet, but you can vote for it, and they say they will release the languages with lots of votes sooner than the others. Perhaps if enough of us Duolingians vote for it, they'll get it out soon!


yes that would be great to find an actual irish keyboard!


Try the Icelandic keyboard.


I just found out that the Swype App/Keyboard supports Gaeilge! I've started trying it out, and it seems to work really well.


I have been waiting for Irish to be on iOS! You've all made a great course, thank you for all the effort that went into it.


...and it is great so far!


Note to self: buy an iPhone finally! :-)


wow! just took my first Irish lesson — very, very cool this is here!


Ar fheabhas ar fad! Coinnigh ort!


On the iOS app, I noticed that when building Irish sentences out of given words, the app doesn't speak words that I tap to select. Will this be added soon? It's a helpful feature. I know it's a work-in-progress, though! I want to thank the DuoLingo team for providing such an amazing app!


This alone is reason enough I'm glad I chose the iPhone


I'm having a lot of trouble with Irish on the iOS app. It won't load and then says that it is having trouble connecting?


Can't wait for it to be on Android too! Looking forward to it.


cant wait for it to be on android!

[deactivated user]

    When will it be added to the Kindle version? Any idea?

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