"Ho saputo la notizia leggendo il giornale."

Translation:I found the news out reading the newspaper.

June 20, 2013

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Bad English....at least use 'by' reading, and 'found out' etc would be better English.


i found out the news reading the newspaper? should work


This sounds grammatically incorrect in English, or at least awkward.

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    I've learned the news reading the newspaper should work too.


    Can anyone tell me why this is 'la notizia', and not 'le notizie'?

    I was failed for putting the singular in another question (the one about the news that someone had passed their exam, which to me is definitely a singular piece of news, rather than news in general).

    If it was always plural I could understand that, but why is it singular in this question?


    it seems that duowl is speaking about one item of news that someone should have been told, but wasn't. he was surprised to see it in the newspaper.

    'le notizie' about the exam was not correct, even though duowl required it. "le notizie da tutto il paese" (plural) "la notizia del vostro matrimonio" (singular)


    No one would ever say this in English. It’s very awkward. I learned the news would be better.


    I was dinged for "I knew the news from reading the paper" and I don't think I was right, but I'd like some help. Found, learned, knew, discovered, etc. - all seem to be possible, alsong with many others. It also seems to me that "from reading" or "by reading" would be better than simply reading.


    I don't know Italian very well, but based on other romance languages, "knew" is imperfect in the past while the past perfect means something like "I came to know". The English verb "to know" has an imperfect sense only.


    "I heard the news" should also work. especially since the hints give "heard" as a suggested translation for "saputo"


    I had that too, pitty, lost my last heart.

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    Sound like any world leaders we know?


    So the word "news" is singular here, as opposed to elsewhere in this exercise where the insistence is that it be written as plural (e.g., "Le notizie sono piu recenti.")??? What is the rule? Is there one? Can anyone tell me? If no one can, perhaps someone can tell me why Italian grammar is so inconsistent?


    Saputo does not mean "found" and out is debatable


    I agree with you


    This is simply bad English!


    I would have never translated it like that, such bad english.


    This is a horrible sentence in English! I found out the news by reading the newspaper. Not for nothing but the people who wrote The Italian course could benefit by themselves taking the English course!

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