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The Standard *I Finished My Tree* Topic

I have just completed my spanish tree after starting in October 2013, it took me exactly a year but I got there in the end!

Learning this language was a great experience but most importantly for me it got me through some dark times in my life where I had lost all hope, it gave me the gratification I was after and along the way improved my english.

I want to thank duolingo for making this software available!

I also want to let anyone know that you can achieve your dream, mine is to be a fluent in 5 languages by 30 and I am well on my way there being 21 years old. If I can do it, so can you.

I massive tip I can give the creators of duolingo is to create sentences in word frequency order meaning words which are used most in day to day conversation, that will greatly benefit beginners and will give you a real foundation to continue studying a language through other intermediaries.

October 21, 2014



The standard * congratulations * comment.

Really, congratulations! Cool to hear that Duolingo has been helpful in more ways than one, this is only the beginning!


Thanks that means a lot! I'm also loving to asterisks you used haha congrats on level 25!


:) De nada.

Ha ha, aren't you a little bit late? I've been at 25 for at least three months now. ;) Thanks!


I keep seeing this kind of threads and I can't get something. You finished your tree, yet you have level 15 in spanish. I am doing french, going about 1/3 of the tree and I am level 11 already. I gain a lot of experience cause I have to repeat lessons and practise a lot to make the words stick to my long term memory.

I see a lot of people, finishing trees with level 15, 16, 18....what are you dashing through the tree as fast as possible just to finish?


Well, I will finish my tree tomorrow (one lesson left!) and I've already reached level 25 :)


Congrats man, you must be proud :)


The higher levels require a lot more XP. Even with a lot of reviewing reaching those higher levels starts to become very difficult after a while.


Yes, that makes sense. However, I guess that the more you advance, the more you need to practise to keep in your memory every time more and more words. 15 seems a low number. Seen a lot of people with level 25


It takes 3500 XPs to get from level 22 to 23, which is 350 lessons done or strengthened, which would redo every lesson in the tree multiple times I think. Just for one level!

I think I was at about level 15 when I finished the tree and I wasn't rushing through. On the other hand, the first 60 days I was using Duolingo I was in Costa Rica, so let's just say that not all of my Spanish learning was earning me Duolingo points! I finished the tree in five months, but that was 1) starting with quite a bit of basic (and sometimes esoteric) vocabulary and 2) spending more than an hour a day just on Duolingo.


I'm level 20 and I still have 2 skills to finish. The reason why some people have such high levels is that they use immersion.


its all about goals, my goal was to finish the tree, I have kept it golden throughout and now the goal is to reach level 25. I diversified my resources so level 15 but ive remembered almost everything ive learned thanks to mnemonics :)


Congratulations! Enjoy! Have a lil lingot! :) p.s. hope the dark times have passed! p.s.s. which 5 languages do you want to study?


Thanks indeed, I appreciate it. I want to learn Russian, French, Hindi/Urdu, Mandarin and Spanish. I don't count english or my native Macedonian because I havnt gone out of my way to acquire them. I think those languages alone will tke a lifetime to master but at the current rate im going I will also pick up the entire balkan group of languages (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegro, Bulgarian and Slovenian)!


Oh, interesting assortment there! :) I'm sure there must be lots of curious reasons for all of those selections! I go ahead and count my English! hahahaaha. Although I am a native speaker I figure I put a lot of time into it and I also still like to tweak/improve it a little. Also, I find as I add new languages I have less time for it - and I really love reading in English. Being outside the US now I feel like I miss out on some of the funny daily additions to it. And I've also come to miss how much fun you can have with the language and how lively/expressive it is! I wish you much enjoyment on your language journey! :)


Very interesting point of view, I have stayed abroad for a significant amount of time and can see where your coming from, a few months not speaking the language means 100's of pieces of news/action/events you missed out on! Thanks for your kind words, I wish the same for you :)


Nice i'm in the same boat 21 too, however id advise on focusing on just learning 2 for now, so you actuaclly making visible progress and you don't space yourself out too much much with 5 at once and lose motivation for it, Good luck my friend ^^


Great advice and can see exactly where you coming from! thanks and goodluck to you too.


Serbian/Croatian are one language...what about Albanian? Or Albanians have fallen from the tree and do not count?


lol, I have no intention on learning albanian.


I thought you were listing Balkan languages and not what you want to learn.. And I was a bit upset how can you just not mention the second old language (after Greek) in the region...


Felicidades senor, keep at it homeslice.


Thanks :) will do homeslice haha good call


Congratulations! And good luck reaching your goal! How do you plan on reaching it besides using Duolingo?


Asking local fluent speakers (best part about living in Australia), Memrise, watch movies, and visit each country where the language is spoken for at least 3 months as a reward for learning it. Motivation + lifestyle + learning to fail = longterm success.


Absolutely. You're pretty wise for your age and you seem to be a cool dude ;-) I also had a pretty tough time and I also want to become fluent in 5 languages, but with 29 and both French and Spanish are among my wanted languages, thus we share some passions I guess ;-)


haha thanks man! yeah likewise I saw your actually living in the countries where they speak your targeted language thats great! People will always think that it is crazy but its much better than a 9 to 5 dull job living in the suburbs, keep at it!


Well, I've got a 9 to 6/7 job right now in France, but it's absolutely great and my speaking abilities skyrocketed from almost zero to I-can-call-very-important-persons-such-as-bars-in-higher-courts-and-have-a-basic-conversation-with-them conversations within less than two weeks. I won't be fluent after 5 weeks (I have to return to Germany because of my vocational training in Berlin), but it's still awesome and I'm learning a lot. And for you, gaining that level in 5 different languages within 8 or 9 years is definitely possible if you're able to keep your languages whereas you learn a new one. Keep at it as well, mate ;-)




Very inspiring post.

I also want to learn several languages but am long past 21, lol. My father spoke five languages (counting English) and dabbled in many others. Thanks to him I have a working knowledge of several. Alas when I was younger I set my sights on other things—silly as I've always had an interest in and a great love of languages. Now I'm doing what I love here on Duolingo with my young children using the site as well. We are currently focusing on German and Spanish. The other four I hope to learn to fluency are: Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, & Hindi. I know a bit of all of those but I am focusing on the ones Duolingo offers first. Japanese is one that although on hold, I know the most about (second to Spanish) would have the most opportunity to practice where I live, yet I find I am advancing fast with Duo thus the order choice :).

It's great to see other people sharing their stories, language goals and tips for success. Congratulations on your achievement!

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