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Why would She Sees table be accusative and not nominative?

I'm not too sure why it would be den Tisch over der Tisch. Simple to most but confusing to me! my brain hurts. Thanks

September 25, 2012



It is also accusative in English. E.g. you say "I see them", not "I see they" Them is the accusative form of they. It's the same logic in German.


Another example:

"Sie gibt ihm den Teller des Kindes."

  1. Fall (1st case): Who gives the plate? Answer: nominative (she)

  2. Fall (2nd case): Whos plate is it? Answer: genitive (the child's)

  3. Fall (3rd case): Whom does she give it to? Answer: dative (him)

  4. Fall (4th case): Who does she give? Answer: accusative (the plate)


Basically going to say what the others said, but in different words: The accusative case is used for a direct object, and the nominative for the subject. The subject is the thing "doing" something, and the direct object is the thing being acted upon. In "She sees the table": "She" (subject) is the one doing something ("She sees") and "the table" (direct object) is the thing she is doing it to. Hence, "der Tisch" takes the accusative and becomes "den Tisch."

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