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"Hun tabte valget med en stemme."

Translation:She lost the election by one vote.

October 21, 2014



Does the Danish sentence mean that she lost and only one person voted for her? Or that she lost with a difference of only a vote? The "correct solutions" are conflicting.


Strictly speaking it could mean both but if you ever hear the sentence it is almost 100% certain that they mean "she lost with a difference of only one vote".


I'd say, in English anyway, that that then would be losing by one vote. Is there a clearer way to say this in Danish or... are we just going to have to leave it to context?


By one vote is accepted and does make much more sense


Should demand a re-count!


But her emails!


It looks like in Duolingo women are always the one that lose and men the one who wins. Have you analysed the sentences too?

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