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  5. "Breakfast is the first meal."

"Breakfast is the first meal."

Translation:Het ontbijt is de eerste maaltijd.

October 21, 2014



Yay! "Ontbijt is de eerste maaltijd." is also accepted as correct.


But what is the most normal way to say it in Dutch?


Both are fine/equally used :)


I have seen exercises where "breakfast" without "the" is translated as "ontbijt" and "het ontbijt" is rejected. I have also seen cases where "het ontbijt" is required and "ontbijt" is rejected. I would be so glad of a general explanation of the rule! Does it have something to do with whether there is a preposition in front of "breakfast"?


How do you know whether to use "het" or "de"?


Deutschman1. We have to memorize all the "De" words and "het" words, but I use this pretty helpful page www.welklidwoord.nl, Just have to type the word and you find out the correct article!


Thanks, UnitarioRe.


I wouldn't worry about it too much, if you tell a Dutch person that you live in 'de huis', they'll know what you mean. I guess on Duolingo you have to, though, since it marks it wrong if you use the wrong one.


Why is using the "het" before a meal only optional sometimes? Sometimes it's fine if I just say "Ontbijt is de eerste maaltijd", but sometimes I HAVE to say "Het ontbijt"


Why not 'het eerste maaltijd is ontbijt'?


That is my question too

[deactivated user]

    Why not "eerst" ??


    Because it's coming between a definite article (de/het) and a noun, so it gets an -e ending.

    (There are also other circumstances where adjectives get the -e ending, but this is the one that applies here.)

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