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  5. "Nílim ag ceapadh é sin."

"Nílim ag ceapadh é sin."

Translation:I am not thinking that.

October 21, 2014



'...á cheapadh sin'.


The Irish sentence is wholly incorrect and should be ignored.

Completely incorrect grammatically and in everyday speech.


I'm surprised that this incorrect sentence is still here after more than two years.
Also that the speaker (now a native?) condescended to dignify it by reading it out.

(It should be "Nílim á cheapadh sin".)


The person that did the voice likely recorded the lines in very quick succession and considering the (deliberate) stupidity of some of the sentences... stuff to do with elephants in cupboards and such, I doubt she had much time to think about the validity of the sentences in speech.


So does "ceapadh" mean have both meanings of "think" that English does: to have an opinion and to be using the brain?


There are 5 or 6 common words in Irish that can be used where you would use "think" in English.

For "I think" in the sense of holding an opinion, you could use ceap, meas or síl (all 3 are widely used), where as for thinking about something, you'd be more likely to use smaoinigh (smaoineamh is the Irish for the nouns "thought" and "idea" - the plural is smaointe - "thoughts" or "ideas").

And the verb cuimhnigh is used for both "remember" and "think" - chuimhnigh mé ar rud can be both "I thought of something" and "I remembered something".


Ceap's primary meaning is "I think" in the sense of "I have decided", it's often best to translate it as decide.


Does this have approximately the force of the English "I don't think so"?


Ní dóigh liom é


No, this is a slightly unnatural sentence. What /TMac112 said is what you're looking for.


This sentence (with smrch’s correction) could be a response to “You’re thinking about taking a sabbatical”.


what word /construction is used to mean 'to think of' as in 'to imagine' or 'to think of a solution' or 'to think up'? -Pls


"think of a number between 1 and 20"
smaoinigh ar uimhir idir 1 agus 20
cuimhnigh ar uimhir idir 1 agus 20

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