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Have you guys heard of Linguee?


It's like a bilingual dictionary, but better, since it not only gives you the word you are looking for, but also has translated excerpts to show you how the word would be used. I found it very useful when I'm doing my Portuguese homework, since there are not too many Portuguese-English/Spanish dictionaries out there.

October 21, 2014



Obrigado! That's quite a helpful site. Have a few lignots.

October 25, 2014


Yes, I mention it here along with several other online dictionaries: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/594701

If you like http://www.linguee.com you should try http://context.reverso.net/translation as well. Its database seems to be created from less formal sources than Linguee. It used to include many swear words taken from film subtitles but it seems more tame these days. Also have a look at the multilingual sentence database at http://tatoeba.org/

October 21, 2014


ok, interesting! thank you!

October 22, 2014


its a nice help sometimes

October 24, 2014


Thanks for sharing, was very helpfully to translate my website https://donpaginasweb.com

August 11, 2019


Linguee is very interesting, I like it, but sometimes it's not very trustable....

I like using "wordreference.com".

October 22, 2014


I don't like using wordreference as much, mostly because the Portuguese dictionary is still under construction, so it doesn't have all the words I'm looking for. Also, at least in my experience, some of their example sentences for the word are in English, and that doesn't really help me. Wordreference in Spanish is great though.

October 22, 2014


you're see google traduction

October 23, 2014
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