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  5. "Han er manden."

"Han er manden."

Translation:He is the man.

October 22, 2014



When speeding, it becomes hard to me to tell the difference between "er en mand" and "er manden"...


Slow down at first, you'll learn better. Focus on not making mistakes above breezing though things, it'll be more rewarding that way. It takes time to really get the hang of new languages, speed is not the answer.


What's the difference between manden and mand? doesn't maden means "the man" and mand just "man" ??


mand is man, manden is the man , kvinde is woman, and kvinden is the woman


I worte; Han er manden, but it was wrong?


Shouldn't be. There's orobably som other little error you're not seeing. Happens to me alk the time


Don't quite understand when the definite article is 'et' at the end of a word, like in aeblet or broedet, and when it's 'en', like in manden and kvinden


There's no rule. It just depends on the gender of the word and you have to learn that. If you're in doubt use 'en' because it's more common.

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