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  5. "No voy a leer ese libro."

"No voy a leer ese libro."

Translation:I am not going to read that book.

June 20, 2013



Duolingo has obviously factored '50 shades of Grey' into its programming. Well done DL.


Or possibly Twilight...


That was the first book popped up in my head. And before going to the comment, I just knew someone would have mentioned it. Thank you for not letting me down.


Why is este libro incorrect? Sounded lime she said este to me.


"ese" means "that" and "este" means "this". You just heard incorrectly, or perhaps the vocalization was wrong. As long as you now understand the difference between "ese" and "este", you have not lost anything.


Just remember: this and these have the ts (this, these= esTe, esTa)


"why ese and not eso?"

"Ese" is "that" in the third person masculine, like "libro". Think "ese hombre". "Eso" is gender neutral and used for abstract concepts. The confusion is the -o ending of "eso", I suppose. In this case, the -o ending does not signify a male ending. In the same way, "este" refers to "this" thing with a masculine ending, and "esto" refers to an abstract concept. There are some exceptions you will just have to learn.


Well apparently slang like "gonna" is not allowed here :P


Definitivamente, no voy a leer Crepusculo ni Cincuenta Sombras de Gray.


Why does Duo always mix this and that and everything?!


I don't really know. But I can guess.
Confusing "este/esta" with "ese/esa" is very common among people just starting out. The more practice the better.
In addition, fairly often Spanish uses "this" when English speakers would choose "that" and vice versa. Exposing us to these differences in usage helps us sort them out.


What irritates the dickens out of me is that she speaks so fast i cannot hear the no voy a. It sounds like whala


It definitely sounds like she says "este", especially in the slow mode. I know the difference between this and that, but her pronunciation if off.

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