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  5. "You are big."

"You are big."

Translation:Je bent groot.

October 22, 2014



Inevitably, this reminded me of Guardians of the Galaxy. x)


what about groot and grote? what is the difference...


To do with adding an e to the end of the adjective. The only time you do not add an -e is when it is a het word with the indefinite article (een) or no article

Het grote huis (het word)

Een groot huis (het word with indefinite article)

groot huis (het word with no article)


So -- do you use 'bent' for 'are' when referring to someone, rather than 'zijn' for 'are'?


Both "bent" and "zijn" would be translated as "are" in English. The former is used for the singular you, while the latter is for plural subjects. Here is the full conjugation table:

  • Ik ben - I am
  • Jij bent - You (singular) are
  • Zij/Hij/Het is - She/He/It is
  • Wij zijn - We are
  • Jullie zijn - You (plural) are
  • Zij zijn - They are


Im confused, when should I use groot over grote?

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