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PROBLEM: oral / microphone issues!

This is not the first time that I FAILED on this lesson due to DL not picking up ANY of my oral skills on the microphone! I even tried the "recorded voice" and still it was terrible, and I failed!

Can you PLEASE code it so that if you FAIL at Oral 3x you MOVE ON instead of losing hearts? PLEASE! This is not a problem on my end, my microphone works fine, it's just been happening, (AGAIN) in the last 2 days!)

October 22, 2014



Sometimes there's not enough bandwidth to handle all the simultaneous users and DL defaults to ''I can't understand you. Try speaking slower''. On the bottom left of your screen there should be a button saying ''I don't want to use the microphone right now''. I you click on that, DL will move on to the next sentence. You don't lose a heart.


TY!! That has to be it, because I just tested it right now, and everything is fine. Sent you a lingot too. TY!


I thought you did move on. I have never lost a heart if I am not successful with a speaking exercise.


That's not happening with me & unfortunately. Also it seems that now I can't get Duo to work with my microphone at all. Sigh.


Mmm, it must be an XY test I have never lost a heart by failing a speaking exercise. In fact I used to sigh with relef if the last exercise was of this type as I knew I would not fail the lesson.


If you still have issues with the microphone, you can turn it off in the Settings.

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