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Learning boxes in tree 'greyed out'

Why are the boxes in my learning tree 'greyed out' I can't click to use them. There is only one clickable box and that is one ahead of where I want to learn. Thanks.

September 25, 2012



the program won't let you move ahead until you reach certain goals. Sometimes I only have one or two I can work on, somtimes more. the others will open up as you work on the open boxes, and as you work on translations. You can also hover your curser over a greyed out box and see what lesson is required for it to open up.


I have the same problem... I have mastered all the previous lessons (including the one that is required for the the next lesson) but the boxes I still need to do remain gray for some reason :(


I also noticed that by doing some work on the translations some of the boxes open up. In fact, I missed a whole section because I suddenly "mastered" Clitics by working on a translation. Maybe it would help to spend some time on translating while you are trying to get those to open up.


I do see you have no boxes open! Well that is strange. I guess you could email them with the Feedback tab.


I had the same problem and now I have a solution. Browser works fine. Mobile or desktop. Have fun!

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