people out there i need help with my Italian project. i have to speak in front of my class. ow can i do it without being nervous

June 20, 2013


I don't know any special techniques, but just ask yourself: why are you nervous? Are you afraid of your classmates? Hardly. Are you afraid of your teacher? I don't think so. They are all good people and you are just going to tell them something interesting. Focus on this and not at being nervous.

I remember I was nervous to speak in front of the class during my first years at school, but then something kind of "clicked" inside me and I began to enjoy it. If I stumbled a bit, I smiled at myself or made a little joke. This was fun. Everything I had to care about was preparing really well.

Best advice for doing anything kid is this. Its all just like going swimming. If you walk up to the water and test it by dipping your toes in you will probably think its cold and wuss out and not go in at all. You gotta just say hell with it all and cannonball into it. Go into any situation like it just doesn't matter, just take it head on and give it your best. In the end that's all you can do and whatever happens happens.

Just give it your best! I'm sure you'll do great:D

thanks that really helped

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