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"Der er mange værdier slottet."

Translation:There are many values in the castle.

October 22, 2014



I also thought maybe the sentence meant valuables, but Google Translate says that valuables translates as "værdigenstande." A native Danish speaker would be helpful here. Once we can establish what the Danish sentence is trying to express, we can make a better English translation.


Native danish speaker here, and I read it as "valuables", which seemed quite natural to me ("værdigenstande" would also work). It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to translate it as "values", though technically it ... might not be wrong, I guess. A castle with lots of old-fashioned ideas and customs ... I would probably say that differently, maybe "slottet har mange gammeldags skikke" or something. I wouldn't say it like this at least.


as it's not possible to report this during the lesson unless you get it wrong, can someone please change it as it doesn't make sense at all in English. Thanks in advance.....


It has been reported several times. Duolingo Danish course is very bad at acting on reports, and even worse on acting on these discussions.


Native speaker her too: I believe valuables would be correct. Values does not make any sense


The comments indicate that this translation makes no sense in English. I am a native English speaker from American and castles do not have values. People have values. My Order Bog says that værdi means things of value or as an adjective can be "valuable" as "værdifuld". If "værdier" means valuable things a possible translation might be that there are many valuable things on the castle. Please check and adjust this translation.


"there is a lot of value in the castle" marked incorrectly, what would be the Danish for this instead of the above?


Could anyone explain why "many" is accepted and "a lot of" is marked incorrect...


Usually it's the other way around. I was thinking countable vs uncountable, but then changed my mind.


"There are many values in the castle." What does this even mean? The sentence doesn't even make sense.


Another accepted solution is 'valuables' instead of values. I think the offered English translation is archaic.


As is, this is indeed an odd sentence in English. It requires context and is, at best, an incomplete thought or discussion. Consider a tour guide and customer. C: "Why did they put so much effort into building such a massive structure?" TG: There are many values in the castle. It's height gives great visibility of approaching enemies. It is easy to shoot arrows out with accuracy, but not in." Etc., etc.


so how would one say "i have values" in danish.
not valuables but moral codes


a castle would have valuables but what does a family have? Moral values?

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