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"Der er mange værdier slottet."

Translation:There are many values in the castle.

October 22, 2014



what does this mean? Do you mean "valuables"?


I think "værdi" means something like a property in this case.


Call me old fashoined, but I think the English translation should make sense in English


Could the meaning not be more along the lines of principles/ethics?


"In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die."

Not much room there for ethics really. They were defensive buildings.

[deactivated user]

    Come ON DL enough of these totally senseless sentences in English!


    My sentiments exactly. Duolingo, enough, enough, enough.


    I also thought maybe the sentence meant valuables, but Google Translate says that valuables translates as "værdigenstande." A native Danish speaker would be helpful here. Once we can establish what the Danish sentence is trying to express, we can make a better English translation.


    Native danish speaker here, and I read it as "valuables", which seemed quite natural to me ("værdigenstande" would also work). It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to translate it as "values", though technically it ... might not be wrong, I guess. A castle with lots of old-fashioned ideas and customs ... I would probably say that differently, maybe "slottet har mange gammeldags skikke" or something. I wouldn't say it like this at least.


    So in any case the sentence is just outright bad for educational purposes, doesn't bring any "værdi", only confusion.


    Technically it is wrong. In this sentence værdier is referring to an object. While 'value' is a noun in English it refers to something intangible such as a moral or perhaps more relevant in this case, the worth/value of something. An object that has high worth/value, is a 'valuable,' which is something physical (and of course a noun).


    Thank you so much. Now I understand. It makes perfect sense as 'valuables'.


    Values makes no sense then. Values is either a set of morals or counting numbers


    Could it be something a tour guide would say? A variety of styles are on display, from different reigns or eras? It would make more sense to me if it were about different centuries.


    The English translation makes no sense at all.


    I noticed that too.


    Reading "values" as the abstract notion, I translated as "of the castle"...


    Same here. "There are many values on the castle" is still slightly unnatural, but still makes sense.


    What about "there are many valuables IN the castle"?


    as it's not possible to report this during the lesson unless you get it wrong, can someone please change it as it doesn't make sense at all in English. Thanks in advance.....


    It has been reported several times. Duolingo Danish course is very bad at acting on reports, and even worse on acting on these discussions.


    Yes, the translation is very strange as it stands.


    It's also possible that they're trying to say that the castle Has value and that this is another case where the Danish word is pluralized but the English word isn't. Essentially the English translation would then be "There is a lot of value in a castle" or "The castle has a lot of value"


    i have no idea what that sentence means in english


    "there is a lot of value in the castle" marked incorrectly, what would be the Danish for this instead of the above?


    Native speaker her too: I believe valuables would be correct. Values does not make any sense


    Another accepted solution is 'valuables' instead of values. I think the offered English translation is archaic.


    And shouldn't 'at the castle' be considered correct?


    How's the serenity?

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