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  5. "Whose pens are these?"

"Whose pens are these?"

Translation:De quem são estas canetas?

June 20, 2013



Is there any possibility to use word ,,cujos" here or not really?


No. Inspite the mouseover shows "cujos" as a possible translation, it doesnt work here. When whose works as a relative pronoun it is translated as "cujo, cujos, cuja, cujas". The girl whose bike was red... = a garota cujA biciletA era vermelha... / the woman whose clothes... a mulher cujAS roupAS / the boy whose toy.... o menino cujO brinquedO... and so on ;)


Is quem really pronouced "kwayme"? Sounds rather odd.


The sound of the world "quem" is not correct


Is it gramatically incorrect to write: "Estas canetas são de quem?"? Or does that have a different meaning?

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