"Ho diciannove anni."

Translation:I am nineteen years old.

June 20, 2013

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I feel 'i have nineteen years' should be accepted, as in "How long have you got? I have nineteen years" I tried it to see if it would work and it didn't.


As said in the 'Tips and Notes', someone "having" a number of years (ex 'lui ha tredici anni') is the most common way to say I/you/he/she/etc is x years old. So, while the literal translation is 'I have nineteen years', the actual translation IS 'I am nineteen years old'


I look at it as if there were four different ways to express the verb 'to be' in Italian where English uses only one. ESSERE - STARE - FARE - AVERE
Lui è un cretino. Lei sta bene. Adesso fa freddo. Io ho diciotto anni.


No, because that isn't how it translates in English. We don't say "I have ___ years." That's how it's expressed in Romance languages, but you need to provide the corresponding translation that's actually used in English, not a word-by-word literal translation. Also, I abhor "have got" in any case. Simply "have" is proper.


Hey I actually am!


Me too! It's disproportionately exciting to get this as opposed to things like "I am a turtle," haha.


How did they know I am 19 years old!? :D


I want to choose "I'm nineteen years happy." Haha ~


But I'm old for my age!


Ma io ho quindici anni, le persone parlano que per l'amore, l'età non importa <3

That's me talking to women, I suck at it hahahahahaha


Anzi, l'età è forse la cosa più importante.


In order to learn how to speak Italian, you have to start thinking the way Italian sentences are constructed. They do not say "I am 19 years old." They say "I have 19 years." If you learn to translate it to English sentence structure, you will always be thinking.... "okay how do Italians say 'I am 19 years old?' Oh, yes, they say 'I have 19 years," so I need to say 'Ho diciannove anni.'"


Very good, you are right.


Perhaps I can get away with saying it is the only sentence I know


In one set of exercises you are wrong if you respond 'years old', in this set you are wrong is you don't. It is frustrating.


The vast majority of Native English speakers would not add the "years old"


I think this pople are playing game with me

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