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  5. "Taisteal ar an traein."

"Taisteal ar an traein."

Translation:To travel by train.

October 22, 2014



Since 'taisteal' is identified as a noun, it would seem that the simplest translation, 'travel on the train', would be best here. For example, travel on the train sure beats travel on a banana boat. :-)}


What kind of form 'taisteal' is? An infinitive? I thought irish doesn't have one


It's the verbal noun; 'travelling [on the/by] train' would be a better translation.


I put "travelling on the train," but it was marked wrong. I've reported it, since I definitely think translating it as a gerund makes perfect sense.


It's a bit of an awkward part of the grammar to translate because Irish doesn't really have the concept of an 'infinitive' or 'gerund': the verbal noun essentially does double duty. In truth, 'to travel' and 'travelling' are equally good translations of the verbal noun, and it really depends on context to know which works best. In this case, I think either one works just fine.


That is the dream...


not a sentence really


Correct. Neither is "bread and butter", or "the red woman".


I picked from the word bank To travel by the train - and was marked wrong. I'm reporting it, but does anyone have a reason to think I'm mistaken?


I was also marked wrong for "travel on the train" instead of "travel by train", so I am going to report it too.

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