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"We hoorden dat je een relatie hebt."

Translation:We heard that you are in a relationship.

October 22, 2014



"We heard that you are in a relationship" sounds better.


That's what I wrote too. I'll report it as an alternative answer.


It's accepted now.


Yep. Dutchism right there.


Would "hebben" not also be in the imperfectum? I think that's kind of the rule in English, though a lot of people don't follow it. That would make this sentence: "We hoorden dat je een relatie had."


No. There's a difference. Also in English.

  • We hoorden dat je een relatie hebt: we heard you are in a relationship.
  • We hoorden dat je een relatie had: we heard you were in a relationship.


As far as I was taught, Present Simple, Perfect or Continuous cannot be used in the reported speech when it's introduced by a Past tense (except for the universal truth-type of sentences, f.ex. "Sun is shining"). Therefore grammatically speaking we can have:

We heard: "You are in a relationship." = We heard that you were in a relationship.

We heard: "You were in a relationship." = We heard that you had been in a relationship.


Could you please explain the difference in English?


You may be confused because "We heard you were in a relationship" can mean both 1) you weren't in a relationship before, but now you are, or 2) you were in a relationship before, but now you no longer are. Context would help here.


yes, this was what I meant.


So in Dutch, you would literally say "I have a relationship" ?


Hi Jordan. In Dutch there are two idiomatic sayings,both very current in Dutch that indicate the intimity between two persons: "een relatie hebben met iemand" and "een verhouding hebben met iemand". Also " ze hebben een betrekking" can be added at the list, but perhaps that's a bit less used. Best wishes, Lu


BTW I like "companion" because with "partner" people tend to think first of business partners.


It's news to me that you can't say 'they have a relationship' in English. I agree 'they are in a relationship' is the usual way of saying it, but it's not the only way.


Native British English speaker here and i agree with this


"We heard that you were in a relationship", in English, doesn't necessarily mean that the relationship is in the past. The "were" can also refer to a continuous situation. When we heard it is in the past, so at that time the relationship was in the past, but it implies a question whether the relationship is still ongoing, without asking implicitly.

It means the same as "we heard that you are in a relationship", but this sounds somehow clumsy and translated, to me.

Shouldn't "were" be accepted here?


"that you had a new companion" sounds a bit less po-faced. How would that work in Dutch?


"we heard that you were in a relationship" would be a very common way to say this (without at all implying the relationship was over, just a quirk of english) & should be accepted

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