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Flashcard Vocab Review in App?

Dear Duolingo,

Are there any plans to bring the simple flashcard-based vocab review feature to the mobile app? This seems ideal and like it would be relatively simple to integrate. Would really love to see this feature. Thanks.


October 22, 2014



the flash cards dont really help you with all the variety of words as far as i've seen. they keep repeating the same familiar set of words. maybe i'm wrong i don know!


Good feedback! In this case, Duolingo should take a quick minute to implement one of the many well-tested and common SRS algorithms to get meaningful flashcard review in place. And then they should include it in the mobile app :D



It might be good to add a voice over for the words too as it'll strengthen our pronunciation too. i think they'll keep updating .we'll have to wait and see !

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