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  5. "She does not need to work."

"She does not need to work."

Translation:Ela não precisa trabalhar.

June 20, 2013



I thought the expression was "precisar de", so "precisa de trabalhar", no?


This makes it clear, thanks.


Only in European Portuguese (where we use "precisar de" in all situations).


Shouldn't "Ela não precisa de trabalhar." be accepted in that case?


Yes. Please report any sentence which doesn't accept it.


what about: ela nao tem que trabalhar? is "tem que" too informal?


I'm brazilian and think it's right, but informal enough


Using "tem que" (or "tem de") translates "She does not have to work" which sounds close enough to "She does not need to work" to me. All you can do is ask for your sentence to be accepted and see what happens.


It is still not the literal translation. I'm not sure where the line lies between 'also accepted' and 'plainly different', but the purpose here is not to translate a book or piece of text in the most natural way. It is to learn differences between phrases and vocabulary in my opinion :)


This is not funny anymore... at the very end of the training (infinitives) they start correcting in strange ways... e.g. She does need to work... I write: ela não precisa trabalhar... they correct: ela não tem que trabalhar!!! Never ever heard about this one before... it starts to work on my system!

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