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"Senatoren bruger mange penge sin kampagne."

Translation:The senator spends a lot of money on his campaign.

October 22, 2014



Why can't I use "much money" here?

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It doesn't really work here. It would work as a negative (did not spend much money) or as a question (How much money did he spend?) but not as a positive statement, though I'm not sure why, the only reason I can think of is "because English"


Is it "mange" instead of "meget" because "penge" is plural?


"Mange" is used with things that have discrete units, things where you can count individual bits of it, like apples, or money because money is made up of individual coins/dollars. "Han har mange penge."

"Meget" is used with things and concepts that can't be counted in discrete units. "Han drikker meget vand" (compare with "han drikker mange dråber vand" = "he drinks many drops of water")


It's the same rule for "many" and "much"/"a lot of" in English. Also, in English, a similar rule applies to "fewer" (discrete units) and "less" (no discrete units). For instance, it should be "less money" but "fewer dollars".


Is senator gendered such that I can't use "their money" here, or is that just an oversight on the grading?

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