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  5. "Táim i mo chónaí sa Fhrainc."

"Táim i mo chónaí sa Fhrainc."

Translation:I am living in France.

October 22, 2014



Why does Frainc take sa instead of i?


All but 5 countries are definite. These 5 are Éire (Éirinn in native speech, even in nominative), Alba (Likewise, Albainn in native speech), Sasana, Meiriceá and Ceanada


Is there any particular reason why that is? I can kinda understand why ireland, england, and scotland don't, but why america and canada?


I was under the impression that /r/ was tapped between vowels...?


Tá mé should be okay here yeah? And anywhere instead of táim?


If you're entering your answer in Irish, you got this as a "Type what you hear" exercise, and if you thought that you heard Tá mé, then you misheard.

For English to Irish exercises, it usually doesn't matter whether you type in Tá mé or táim.


Ah sure duh!! It was indeed a type what you heard exercise. I debated asking the question. I thought there might be some grammatical reason I don't understand that I should be aware of on some very basic level. So I just had to ask. GRMA.

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