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"These cooks cannot give the medical students good advice."

Translation:Deze koks kunnen de studenten geneeskunde geen goed advies geven.

October 22, 2014



What about ' Deze koks kunnen geen goed advies aan de geneeskunde studenten geven' ?


That is correct. Only geneeskundestudenten is one word, in the preferred translation they switched the order, then it is two words: lit. students (in) medicine.

I don't know whether the course should accept it, that depends on how lenient they want to be, since your translation has the closer English sentence: These cooks cannot give good advice to the medical students.


Thank you for the explanation! Although neither "... aan de geneeskundestudenten" nor "... aan de studenten geneeskunde" is marked correct.


I find more natural "geneeskunde studenten" than "studenten geneeskunde". Even thought it was a mistaken phrase.

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