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Better Vocabulary section

Dear Duolingo, I love your web service however I would like to suggest a small improvement to the "vocabulary" section of this site. I would find learning verbs a lot easier if I could "see all verbs" that I have learned so far in a language and their conjugated forms.

June 20, 2013



Yes! I love the vocabulary tab, but it doesn't show the verbs. I am having trouble with veo, voy, aunque, etc. Can you show ALL the words we've learned? Thanks!


I also think it would be great to filter vocabulary by part of speech (e.g. see all nouns, verbs, prepositions, etc.).


Also it would be nice for the vocab section to have the ability to say the word.


It is easy way to lerarn Italian


Also include articles with nouns so gender can be reinforced. Plus, allow for longer word-length, so "Entschuldi..." doesn't happen on the German vocab. page.

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