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  5. "A n-úll."

"A n-úll."

Translation:Their apple.

October 22, 2014



This seems very difficult to distinguish from "An úll". Do you just need to use context?


'Úll' is masculine, so with the definite article it's - 'an t-úll'.


Can you tell me how to write: His apple, Her apple Their apple and Your(plural) apple? These are confusing.


a úll, a húll, a n-úll

This way of distinguishing between his, her and their, applies to all nouns beginning with a vowel.

If you practise long enough it will become second nature. Good luck!


It can be hard. But if you pay attention the breath makes a break between the [ɑ] sound and [n] sound, it is /ɑ nɤulɤ/.


I hear a small gap also between the n and ú, as in "nuh úll" with the "uh" being more of a short breathy sound rather than a true "uhh" sound [like an American searching for a word ;)]


I was given the Irish to translate, and I wrote "his apple". Obviously wrong. But instead of simply saying I was wrong, it told me "His apple would be a úll". Very helpful!


I actually came to ask why "his apple" is wrong. So it's because of the n- but why is there an n- in after "their" but not "his"?


It's all explained here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ga/Possessives/tips-and-notes
Long story short, instead of having a separate word for "his", "her", or "their" the way we do in English, Irish just has "a" and it's the next word that changes to indicate which it is.


Yeah I realized after I posted that it was a stupid question and I knew where to find the answer. It's been a long day. :)


It's been a long day. :)

I've been there.


I am getting a bit confused about this...I don't really get when A mean her, his or their....can someone help? Thank you very much


Yeah, it can be confusing at first because the system is so different from what we're used to.


Whether "a" means "his", "her", or "their" depends on what happens to the start of the next word.


I guess i need to open duolingo on a computer to really learn this stuff. Swiping will only go so far!


And crack open a good old-fashioned pencil-and-paper notebook to take notes.


For some reason I cant access the possesives link


Thank you so much for that...makes more sense now!!!:)


Doesn’t a n-úll also mean her apple?


A úll - "His apple"
A húll - "Her apple"
A húll agus a úll - "Her apple and his apple"

Tips & Notes for the Possessive Skill: - https://www.duolingo.com/skill/ga/Possessives/tips-and-notes


No, that would be "a húll".


"An úll " was accepted as correct answer...


You would have given useful feedback to the administrators if you had clicked on the flag and typed in what you wrote above (maybe you did!).

I'm doing Duolingo Polish and it's really shocking how many wrong answers get through. I always check now on the comments page and send a flag message where required, if I'm in a good mood ;-)

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