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  5. "Do you know where my key is?"

"Do you know where my key is?"

Translation:Weet jij waar mijn sleutel is?

October 22, 2014



I am confused with 'weet' and 'ken'. Would 'ken jij....' also be acceptable?


Kennen is to be acquainted with weten is about knowledge.

  • ik ken haar = I know her (acquainted with)
  • ik ken deze straat = I know this street (acquainted with)
  • ik weet veel over de natuur = I know a lot about nature (knowledge)
  • ik weet waar Abraham de mosterd haalt = I know where Abraham gets the mustard (knowledge)


the difference is analogous to the French verbs; savoir vs. connaitre.


Perhaps a better way to put it (you're not wrong) is kennen is knowledge from experience while weten talks about intellectual knowledge.


Hmmm, not really, since it's possible to become acquainted with things/concepts by studying, so intellectually being acquianted with something:

  • ik ken de stelling van Pythagoras = I'm familiar with Pythagoras' theorem

And one can also gather knowledge about things by experience:

  • ik weet dat ik niet kan slapen als ik 's avonds koffie drink = I know that I won't be able to sleep if I drink coffee at night


Thank you, thank you !!! I've been wondering about this, but hadn't tried looking for an answer until today ! Now I understand !


It is similar to that in Spanish: conocer = kennen (to be acquainted; to be familiar) and saber = weten (to know the fact, knowledge).


I'm not too flash with word order, but why is "Weet je waar de sleutel van mij is?" not accepted?


I don't think it's wrong. It does sound a bit odd to me though.


Maybe it's because of 'de'. Google translate also gives a weird translation of it. What am I doing wrong?


I don"t know why it is not accepted, because I don't think it's wrong. "mijn" and "van mij" are the same, it's just that "mijn sleutel" sounds a bit more natural to me than "de sleutel van mij", but both are correct sentences.

Also google translate is alright for words, but for sentences it doesn't really work. It translated "de sleutel van mij" into "the key mine" even though it just translates into " mijn sleutel".


De sleutel van mij is technically not wrong, but it is an awkward and unusual way of saying it.

Compare it with saying the key of mine in English, it's technically speaking not wrong, but you would not advise anyone learning English to formulate it like that.


Thanks to both of you!


Why can't I say "zitten" instead of "is", is it just idiomatically wrong?


I need help with word order here. Why does "is" come at the end of the sentence and not right after "waar"? Is it because the sentence can be separated into two clauses? "Weet jij" could be it's own sentence like "Do you know?" and "where my key is" is a subordinate clause? I'm confused.

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